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Started in 2020, Chicago based!

We are a collaborative platform for independent artist. Cream Shows is built around the idea that music and art can create a dynamic shift in culture and development. Cream Shows promotes artists by empowering them through collaborations, quality content and opportunities. We don't just see music or art as a way to make money, but as something bigger that can connect people from all over the world and bring positive changes to their lives.


Our mission is to create opportunities for independent artists who are looking to expand, but lack resources in the area of live performance. By providing a professional platform, we can make sure that numerous talented artist will have a platform where they can thrive.

Cream Shows are produced by a group of passionate creatives who believe in providing opportunities for indie artist to grow and develop their craft. Our goal is to become the #1 destination for artists looking to launch their career.


We are actively working with musicians, producers, venues, film makers and anyone else who shares our vision to create something bigger than we could do alone. We strive to bring our audiences a variety of unique, quality shows and performances that provide an intimate experience for fans and artists alike. All while empowering creatives to take control and ownership of our art.

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Founder/Creative Director